Eendenkuil 1, 7873 BM Odoorn (NL)

(0031) (0)6 2387 6382

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Glass & craft in modern times.



Eendenkuil 1, 7873 BM Odoorn

(Drenthe, The Netherlands)

(0031) (0)6 2387 6382


The studio is located in part of an old farmhouse, a listed building dating from 1750.

Much in the same way the first windows were manufactured, they are still today.


By combining this with new techniques and materials, the possibilities are very diverse;

glass works are not only decorative and colorful, as was traditionally the case, but can also be translated

to the current time where other needs and values have become more important.

Here we make the connection between past and present, with positive eccentricity.


Only open by appointment or on open door days.


Who is

Glass Cramer was founded by Kirsten, born a Cramer girl, but now also Mrs Alferink.

Creating glass for me is a pure expression of who I am and how I experience the world;

quirky, colorful, sometimes stilled.


Born out of fascination with the beautiful windows in old buildings, I started with a Stained glass course

at Robert-Paul Sprenkeling of Stained Glass Groningen, and then learned Tiffany

from Jacob Bonder at Glasatelier Bonder.


In the following years, I have developed the knowledge and practice of this fascinating material abroad,

educated by Mark Stine (USA), and studied the techniques of Vicky Payne (USA).


Having been allowed to follow a year of Glass Art at the Academy of Antwerp Merksem, given by Marleen Lippenveld, we decided to return to our homeland when we had the chance to turn a beautiful historic farmhouse into our home. Here we have space for a boutique hotel in the future, and established Glass Cramer.